New Students

We have new students starting throughout the year due to our flexible approach and offer short-term interventions for schools.

We will endeavour to offer a place to all prospective students. The admissions process works as follows:

Contact the Headteacher, Damien Sweeney 07849083839 or

From here you will have a conversation with the Headteacher to discuss your concerns and worries about a child’s mainstream school placement.

  • Referral Form Completed and sent to
  • All safeguarding information shared with Cornerstone’s Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Damien Sweeney
  • A member of the Cornerstone staff will visit the child in school and speak to key school staff
  • Meeting at students home with parents/carers to go through the Home School Agreement
  • Transport arranged through main/commissioning school
  • Start date – Arranged with the Headteacher of Cornerstone Academy
  • The placement will begin.  Placements will last for approximately 12 weeks however, this can differ greatly depending on the needs of the child (shorter or longer).

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