Cornerstone Cheshire East Outreach

Our Outreach Service can provide specialist support and advice on Special Educational Needs
to Mainstream Primary and Secondary schools.

The key aims of our service include:
To advise and support on interventions and strategies for pupils with SEND
Offer schools a range of training opportunities
Observe pupils in their setting and offer advice to support staff
Support and advise on behaviour strategies
Deliver a bespoke support package
Devise an initial support programme
Evaluate and establish next steps
Produce a report containing suggested strategies
Opportunities for staff to spend time in a special school for CPD


Our Outreach doesn’t include:
Attending annual reviews
Writing reports for EHCP’s
Advising parents on specialist provision
Making judgement on a child’s SEN needs
Making decisions for schools on a change of setting


What does it look like:
Schools complete a referral form outlining the reason for the request and to complete a referral,
please click here Referral Form
Outreach workers will review the form and decide on the best service to meet the request from the offer below
An initial visit is made to the school or further discussion regarding training
For individual pupil support there is a maximum of 6 visits working alongside the pupil, TA and teacher in the classroom
A record of strategies will be provided for the school


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