About The School

Cornerstone Academy is an innovative and different type of school that provides opportunities for children in year 1 to year 6, who currently present as unable to meet the demands of mainstream provision, to re-engage with their learning and re-ignite a love of learning.  It is our conviction that these children have tremendous potential and at Cornerstone we aim to unlock this potential regardless of background, ability or disposition. When a child joins us at one of our schools, they will benefit from having experienced, specialist staff who will work closely with them to help to break down any perceived barriers to learning. We work with children who are displaying challenging behaviour and also those who may be struggling with their mental health and well-being, which is impacting on their ability to make progress and thrive at school.

Children who attend Cornerstone Academy return to their home schools equipped with a tool box which enables them to be more resilient.  From an academic viewpoint they will move from small gains to accelerated progress, narrowing the gap between them and their peers and allowing them to access the curriculum with increased confidence.  Access to the wider curriculum is further supported and consolidated by the embedding of reading as a master skill.

We want every child to be able to access full-time education and maximise their potential, whatever that potential may be.

School Support
Cornerstone offers outreach in terms of behaviour management advice and techniques, training and behaviour audits.  We will spend a period of time discussing with the class teacher their specific concerns and following this an observation of the class/individuals will take place.  A follow up report will outline advice and guidance.

We offer positive handling training to school staff.  We go through the practical aspects of positive handling and practice the mechanics through repetition. What is reasonable force and when can it be used? Training can be delivered during a half day inset or through twilight sessions.  For more information please contact Damien Sweeney, details which can be located on the contact page.

Home Support
Cornerstone offers advice and support in the home from an outreach support teacher, helping parents and carers with practical advice around behaviour and routines in the home.

For more information about any aspect of what Cornerstone Academy has to offer please click here Outreach