What people say…

Just wanted to leave a note for the school, that C. has really enjoyed her time with Cornerstone. You’ve given her sight that she can enjoy learning in the right environment and us hope that we can sort something in her future to carry on her educational experience.

I’d just like to say, I can really tell how much M. has come on from her time with you & the team at Cornerstone, with being able to use her reflection time, joining in with her classmates & managing her tasks. She has managed so well.

Mrs Fitzgerald – Teaching Assistant, St John’s Primary School, Macclesfield

Our son attended Cornerstone following a lengthy period of dysregulation in a mainstream school, he had become unhappy and disengaged.  He had been masked at school and later became violent during the pandemic as he wasn’t receiving the support he needed which led him to attending Cornerstone.

After a really short period of time at Cornerstone he was a completely different child, he was happy, regulated and thriving at Cornerstone and at home again.   A massive thank you to Mr Sweeney, Ms Macey and all the Cornerstone staff for helping turn things around, we had our son who is a happy boy back and our family home life was infinitely better.

Thank you sooo much for everything you’ve all done for James and me over the last year and for eveything you’ve put up with from him!  And a big, huge special thanks to Mrs Whitehead, Ms Carter & Mr Sweeney, who’ve all worked so closely with James to try & help him!  I wish you all the best with all the children you help & I’ll be sure to give you an update once James is settled.  We wouldn’t have made it this far without you!

To All the staff at Cornerstone – A massive thank you for all you have done for Tobias.  He came to you at a point where he was a very lost and traumatised child and hated himself.  You’ve all put him back together again and in his words he’s “happy again”   Thanks to you he can read better and is actually enjoying books.

We would like to take the time to thank everyone at Cornerstone for the amazing work and all the support given to to our child and other children who have found school difficult. Our child has thrived since being at your setting. What a dramatic difference it’s made to our family and our child’s outlook on education. All the teachers have been so caring and engaging during his journey. We love to see all fun activities and the daily updates. He’s made good friends and had so much fun over the past few months. He finally wants to attend school which is amazing!

Many thanks Samantha and Elliott

“Hello Mr Sweeney, it’s Justin’s mum. Thank you so much for everything you have all done for him. I’ve never seen him have so much confidence in himself and I know he will miss you all.”




I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support with JR over the last year. It has been fantastic working alongside you both and at the heart of everything has been ensuring JR gets all the support he needs. Both of your commitment to these children at Cornerstone has been lovely and I have seen this first hand when visiting the school. I really do believe that due to all your hard work supporting JR and evidencing his difficulties has meant he is now in a specialist provision suited to his needs and they can give him that stability in education he desperately requires.

It has been a complex and at time’s difficult case to manage and the process has been a lot easier by great multi agency working.

Thank you again.


To Everyone at Cornerstone

Thank you for all your input + support over the period J has been with you! I personally cannot thank you enough! J came to you after a horrendous time in mainstream! You have rebuilt him in so many ways + kept him in a safe and positive environment, making him able to want to come to school and start to like who he is.

Lots of Love + Best Wishes

Lucy + Family

His placement at Cornerstone has been an absolute god send and the service you provide to young children and the staff at the school have all been truly amazing and I can see that they genuinely love their jobs working with these challenging children.

Kelly & Jon

Lucas has progressed well at Cornerstones.

He likes the staff and topics and the range of activities.

Just a very quick email to say thank you for the great training this week and the supportive visit from N. I can see the impact of the INSET as I walk around school, in the interactions of the staff with the children and the way they are reflecting on and discussing any incidents that might occur.

I know S felt very supported by N and her comments – so, once again. Thank you

I hope you have a peaceful weekend – god knows we need it

Best wishes


Thank you for looking after me

From Jamie




It has been a really beneficial experience working with Cornerstone, our staff have gained extra confidence with their management of challenging behaviour and the transition phase has been extremely successful.

Thank you to all staff for the fantastic support.


To everyone that helped me,

Thank you for helping me be better at school. I will miss you all very much. 

Love Kieran xXx

Thank you, each and every one of you.

A special thanks to Damien for seeing beyond the words on the paper and seeing the true picture and to Miss Neilson for not giving up!

Anne and Chris

How can we ever thank you for what you do!?!?! You were there to pick up Jordan and start to put him back together, THANK GOODNESS you were, where would that child have ended up without all of you at Cornerstone.

I think the profession is excellent – the patience and support the staff have for the children is incredible.

The change in the child in Year 1 is evident as he can now discuss how he is feeling.

Thank you for working so hard with the child from our school.